We take our commitment to the environment very seriously.  It’s notoriously difficult to achieve the best environmental standards whilst also adhering to strict medical standards for safety and performance, but we are constantly reviewing our product range looking for ways we can reduce their environmental impact.  From reducing the size of our product packaging to using less plastic and changing the types of plastic we use we are always looking at ways to improve.

Environment - Smaller Pack

In 2017 we assessed our product packaging & how we could reduce the amount of materials used.  As a result we have completely redesigned them to be much more compact resulting in a reduction of over 50% in our monthly kit boxes. We also reduced the size of our Stoma Stopper monthly dressing packs by 30%.  This not only reduces the material used but also leads to more efficient freight packaging helping to reduce our overall carbon footprint.

Environment - Compact Valves

Aquaflush  have never used DEHP materials in our factory, this was an ethical stance taken at the cost of profit.  PVC that contains DEHP has a huge environmental impact as well as potentially harmful effects to neonates, children and adults exposed to it.

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A small but equally important step – in our warehouse we reuse as much packaging as possible to send our products onwards, we even add a sticker to explain why!

These are just a few of the things we are currently doing or have already done.

All our cones are now made from silicone rather than PVC
We’ve reduced the number of plastic valves in our Compact monthly kits from 15 to just 2
All our tubing is non-toxic – in fact it is so safe it is classified safe for infant chewing toys in the EU
In our Quick system we have reduced the length of the cone tubes by 40%
We are currently investigating more environmentally friendly solutions for the plastic bags used in our kits
When we first launched our kits they actually contained paper-pulp cones – this is something we are still actively investigating to see if they can be re-introduced
As a company we try to encourage the reduction in waste materials & reuse/recycle where possible