Irrigation Accessories-Water Reservoir Stand
Irrigation Accessories-Extension-Tube
Irrigation Accessories-Leg Strap
Irrigation Accessories-Lubrication Sachet


There are a number of irrigation accessories available, please see details below. If you have any specific requirements or needs please contact us.

Water-bag stand – included with the starter kits on Quick, Lite and Actif, this handy accessory enables you to stand the water-bag next to you on the floor while irrigating. If you need a free replacement just contact us
Extension tube – useful for extending the tube length between the pump and the cone on Quick & Actif systems. It can also be used to extend the tube between the water-bag and pump on the Lite system
Strap – For use with Quick, Lite and Actif to help secure the pump or tube to your leg/arm while irrigation, particularly useful for users with limited mobility
Lubricating jelly – included with all Quick, Actif & Lite products, this water-based lubricant works brilliantly with our super-smooth silicone cones to aid insertion

Order Codes

Extension Tube
AFExtn – PIP 382-9207


AFStrap – PIP 382-9215


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