Aquaflush Lite-Essential Irrigation System
Aquaflush Lite-Soft Silicone Cone


Aquaflush Lite, our simple full irrigation system uses modular components to deliver an intuitive and easy-to-use solution.  With its large 1.2 litre bag it is suitable for patients who can sit on a toilet or commode.


Key Features:

Super-smooth silicone cone with rounded tip & side eyelets and ergonomically designed grip for ease of use
Washbag for discreet storage at home & when travelling
1.2 litre water bag with ergonomic screw-cap and an integral thermometer to check the water temperature is safe
Hand pump to easily control speed of irrigation
In-line tap to control water flow
Easy to use ‘click/close’ connection for water bag
Fold-flat water bag stand, included with every starter set, means you can stand the water bag on the floor next to the toilet
Extension tube and leg strap included in starter sets and also available as accessories

Order Codes

Lite Starter

AFLS PIP 404-8294


Lite Monthly

AFLM PIP 404-8302


Instructions for use

Healthcare Professionals Guide

Patients Guide

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