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Stoma Stopper

Stoma Stopper

Our unique patented Stoma stopper is designed to seal and maintain stoma sites in various locations on the body. A key feature of our stoppers is that they can be cut to length to suit the individual patient ensuring the best comfort and fit every time. Made from implant grade silicone and with an ultra low-profile cap they are virtually invisible under thin clothing.


Key Features:

Adjustable length from 10-100mm
Unique low profile cap sits flush on the skin
Easy to remove with peel-up tab
4 Gauge sizes (8fr, 10fr, 12fr &14fr)
Each stopper is packed with a dressing, extra dressings also available
Patented Design
Monthly kits which include a stopper and 31 dressings are also available
Improved stocking for pharmacies – because our Stoma Stopper is adjustable you only need to stock 4 codes instead of the usual 12 from competitor products

Order Codes

Size Order Code PIP Code
Stoma Stopper Monthly Pack 8fr ACEM8 401-8941
Stoma Stopper Monthly Pack 10fr ACEM10 401-8958
Stoma Stopper Monthly Pack 12fr ACEM12 401-8966
Stoma Stopper Monthly Pack 14fr ACEM14 401-8974
Ultra-thin Hydrocolloid dressings 5x5cm AFD30 401-8925
Stoma Stopper 100mm (adj) + Dressing 8fr ACE8/100 401-8891
Stoma Stopper 100mm (adj) + Dressing 10fr ACE10/100 401-8909
Stoma Stopper 100mm (adj) + Dressing 12fr ACE12/100 401-8917
Stoma Stopper 100mm (adj) + Dressing 14fr ACE14/100 401-8933


Instructions for use

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